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FreshStart CDC, Inc.  in Oviedo seeks to improve the lives of our at-risk children and their families by providing programs and services designed to improve their living conditions, quality of education and ultimately create a safe environment for them and their families to live together.

FreshStart offers opportunities for under-served children, low income families/individuals, senior citizens and people with multiple challenges to have their practical needs satisfied and their living conditions improved. We intend to deliver solutions through our services, programs and housing initiatives in an effort to transform communities. 

Our programs and services include such activities as working with thoughtful mentors to improve the lives of disadvantaged youth, conducting health and wellness seminars to address community concerns such as sexually transmitted diseases and health education classes for young girls to address early pregnancy issues and infant care.
311 East Broadway StreetOviedoFL 32765, USA
407-365-5341 • info@freshstartcdc.org


We care for seniors who may need assistance improving the quality of their lives. Our senior care programs will address issues such as the lack of good long-term care, good health promotion and disease prevention as well as limited access to food and nutrition and good caregiver support for the elderly.


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There are many in need but "the workers are few." Come join us and learn how you can use your time, talent and treasure to help those of us who are in need. Our programs, services and initiatives (‘our activities”) will include youth mentoring programs for "at risk" youth, volunteer opportunities for those wishing to serve, health services for seniors, and housing initiatives for low income families.

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Access to education is a basic human right. It reduces poverty and child labor and offers the tools needed to succeed in life.

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